Teeth that are lackluster, stained by food and drinks or discolored through natural aging processes can be made new again with teeth whitening. Those with illnesses, fluorosis, certain medications or poor dental hygiene habits may also benefit from teeth whitening. This simple and effective treatment noticeably brightens even the dullest smiles with professional-grade whitening and custom-made whitening trays. To create these trays, our team will first take a dental impression and use it to create a perfectly fitting tray, similar to a clear retainer.

At Birch Creek Dental, we offer take-home bleaching kits to ensure your schedule and lifestyle are accommodated with ease. Our dentist can help you determine how best to meet your needs and goals during a cosmetic consultation.

Dr. Spencer Hughes can customize your bleaching treatment by first evaluating your teeth and talking with you about your concerns for your smile. Those with sensitive or intrinsically stained teeth may need specific whitening gels or treatment times. However, all patients having teeth whitening in Dillon, Montana, receive the most suitable treatment possible. Please contact our office at 406-683-2550 to learn more about our teeth whitening services.