If you often wake up with a sore or popping jaw, a mild headache or pain in your teeth, you may likely benefit from a nightguard. If you have similar or even more intense symptoms as the ones previously mentioned, we encourage you to ask our dentist about whether you may be suffering from bruxism. Bruxism is the term for nightly teeth grinding, and according to the American Dental Association, it affects about 10-15% of adults.

While there are a variety of treatments available that can relieve the effects of bruxism, Dr. Spencer Hughes may recommend a nightguard in Dillon, Montana. This oral appliance is custom-shaped to fit your smile and is typically worn throughout the night. While there are online and in-store nightguards available, those provided by our dental professionals often fit better, last longer and feel more comfortable.

A nightguard is designed to keep your teeth from grinding together and causing damage to your enamel, straining your jaw muscles and creating discomfort. To learn more about the treatment options for bruxism at Birch Creek Dental, please call 406-683-2550 and schedule your consultation. We look forward to improving your night’s sleep, your daily comfort and of course, the health and appearance of your smile.