Diagnosing head and neck cancers includes finding the cause of the health issue, evaluating a patient’s medical history, performing a physical examination and gaining diagnostic test results. Once your doctor has determined the type of cancer you have and which stage of development it is in, treatment can begin. Treatment for these cancers can include removal surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted treatment, or a combination of these.

So, for those battling head or neck cancer with radiation therapy, an oral radiation protection device form Birch Creek Dental can help to combat any potentially harmful effects. It is also a useful appliance for cancer patients to have when visiting our dentist since radiation exposure, often through X-rays, is a necessary aspect of diagnostic dental care. So, we gladly provide an added barrier of protection between our patients’ bodies and injurious radiation particles.

Dr. Spencer Hughes also provides accommodating and gentle dental care for those receiving radiation treatments because of its possible adverse effects, such as redness, soreness and irritation in the mouth, dry mouth, oral mucosa, stiffened jaw muscles and more. To schedule a consultation for a radiation protection device in Dillon, Montana, please reach out to our office at 406-683-2550 today.