With metal dental fillings, the most common type of material used is a silver amalgam. Although this type of filling can last you many years, they are not a conservative restoration option. They require our dentist to remove healthy tooth material when placing them and respond to temperatures differently than your natural tooth. They also contain trace amounts of mercury, which is a concern for some people. In contrast, tooth-colored or composite fillings are proven to be a suitable option for almost all patients. Composite fillings in Dillon, Montana do not require the removal of healthy tooth material and do not stand out from the rest of your tooth.

The first steps involved with a dental filling is removing the cavity, or infection, from your tooth and thoroughly disinfecting the affected area. Then, our dentist will place the composite filling before curing and polishing it. The filling will bond directly to your tooth and your smile will look natural and untouched. These types of fillings are easy to repair and do not have to be completely removed if they are damaged.

To learn more about the benefits of tooth-colored fillings, please feel free to call 406-683-2550 and plan your next visit with Dr. Spencer Hughes. We look forward to restoring your tooth, improving the appearance of your smile and welcoming you to Birch Creek Dental.