General anesthesia is one of the strongest forms of sedation available. It causes patients to fall asleep and allows our dental team to provide needed dental services. General anesthetics are often provided intravenously. Our dentist, Dr. Spencer Hughes will be happy to talk with you about it.

We often recommend general anesthesia in Dillon, Montana for:

  • Patients who have severe anxiety or fear
  • Patients who are unable to sit still or relax to the point that they will inhibit our ability to provide treatments safely
  • Patients receiving lengthy or extensive treatments in one visit
  • An individual with special needs or a disability that prevents them from following instructions and receiving treatment safely

While our dentist and team provide care under general anesthesia, your vital signs are monitored. Patients and family members will be given explicit instructions regarding eating, drinking and post-operative care. Following these guidelines will ensure that your procedure and recovery are as smooth as possible. To learn if general anesthesia is right for you or your child, please call Dillon Family Dental at 406-683-2550.